Dear readers, I am Dr. Quiñones-Rodriguez, and I am a clinical anatomist by training with more than 12 years of experience working at the intersection of biomedical sciences, neuroanatomy, and traslational anatomy. Through graduate studies, I received didactic training in higher education pedagogy and strategies to develop effective communication with students. These experiences and extensive training in these areas have been fundamental in understanding the dynamic role of science and leadership in decision-making and evidence-based medicine. 


In my thesis project, I worked on transferring modern fixation technology to electron microscopy. The main goal of my project was to visualize brain cellular ultrastructure at the highest magnification while localizing proteins with the utmost accuracy by using immunocytochemistry. Our work impacts several areas of cell biology involving electron microscopy and immunogold localization of proteins. This work was awarded a Junior Research Associate Award from the Puerto Rico IDeA Network Biomedical Research Excellence for its significance and research implications.  


Besides being a researcher, I am also an education innovator and scholar. At Universidad Central del Caribe School of Medicine (LCME Accredited), I designed and coordinated the anatomy outreach program called "Mastering Anatomical Techniques," through which I have trained and mentored many medical students with an interest in surgical the field, promoting the integration of clinical anatomy research,  teaching and mentoring to peers. One of the program's fundamental goals is the implementation and delivery of a highly integrated, organ-systems-based approach to anatomy with a clinical emphasis. 


Finally, I am also a passionate science advocate, and I have been actively involved in several outreach initiatives to communicate and promote science and research. Being a first-generation scientist myself, I frequently use my own life and professional experiences to impact underrepresented minorities in STEM.

Never undervalue the influence of mentorship 

-Jailenne I. Quiñones-Rodriguez, Ph.D. 

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Clinical Anatomist | Scientist | Medical Education Innovator

Jailenne I. 
Quiñones Rodríguez, Ph.D.


My research interests lie in studying anomalous vascular and nervous human anatomical variations through this expertise. These anatomical variations are a typical presentation of body structure with morphological features different from those classically described in anatomy textbooks. Understanding normal anatomical variation is vital for performing a broad range of surgical treatment modalities, developmental knowledge, and other medical approaches. These highlighted the contributions of body donors to the advancement of medical education.

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